Lyra Nightingale

Mental Capacity Solicitor

Lyra is a specialist Mental Capacity Act lawyer with significant experience in best interests work with an emphasis on healthcare and serious medical treatment work. Lyra recently joined Abbotstone Law having spent several years advising both NHS and private healthcare providers and commissioners on a range of public law and mental capacity issues.

Lyra’s experience includes initiating proceedings in the High Court, Court of Protection and Inherent Jurisdiction relating to incapacitated or vulnerable adults and children. Lyra acts for P and other family members in s21A challenges to standard authorisations (DOLS) Health and Welfare cases and s16 best interest cases.

Her sub-specialisms include advising on the obstetric care of pregnant women who lack the capacity to consent to their own treatment, as well as advising on end of life and withdrawal of treatment cases for both adults and children. Lyra also has experience advising on the interplay between the Mental Health Act and Mental Capacity Act with a background of advising on complex treatment issues relating to individuals suffering from eating disorders and personality disorders. Lyra has extensive experience on advising of the use of restraint, both physical and chemical, under the Mental Capacity Act for the purposes of treatment or transfer.

Lyra’s case work includes obtaining emergency treatment orders for an incapacitated pregnant woman who required (and was refusing) a caesarean section; advising and seeking declarations in relation to a detained patient who has refusing lifesaving treatment for testicular cancer; advising on the withdrawal of life sustaining treatment of a teenage girl with an eating disorder against the wishes of the family; and advising on the provision of life saving treatment for a toddler against the wishes of the parents.