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Abbotstone Law specialises in Mental Health and Mental Capacity Law.

We are always here for our clients.

We remember we are dealing with people, their fears and anxieties, as well as their aspiration for a long and healthy life.

When you face challenging times we are on your side

We aim to deliver the highest standard of representation in the profession.

At Abbotstone Law our solicitors are leading practitioners specialising in Mental Health and Mental Capacity Law who choose to specialise in this practice area for personal and professional reasons. Our team has extensive experience in client representation and unrivalled experience understanding the challenges and opportunities of operating within the legal aid framework.

Their dedication to improving standards of representation and affiliated client services led to the creation of Abbotstone Law in 2014, setting a new benchmark in this legal sector.

At Abbotstone Law we are always there for our clients. We deliver services as we would wish to receive them if we found ourselves, our family members or friends in the same situation.

Above all, we remember we are dealing with real people, with real problems.

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